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CPA Retirement Planning’s Retirement Planning Process
blueprint processDesigning a retirement plan to help make your dreams a reality starts with creating a unique retirement plan tailored to your personal goals and objectives. Many of our clients are debt free and living on their portfolios. One of the ways we strive to help our clients become debt free is by working with them to create a Retirement Blueprint, which is unique to their situation. The Retirement Blueprint is a customized plan of action that focuses on three things:

1. Determining how much money you need to accumulate by the time you     retire to maintain your current standard of living in retirement.
2. Determining how much money you need to be investing annually/monthly
    to accumulate that amount of money.
3. Determining how much money you need to be paying annually/monthly
    on your debts to be debt free by retirement.


Creating the Retirement Blueprint involves: A Typical Retirement Blueprint may contain the following recommended plan of action items:
Analyzing your current financial position; which will include calculating your net worth, determining your current cash flow and identifying existing debt obligations and payments
Determining your proper risk tolerance level
Evaluating insurance and other protection planning
Determining proper asset allocation and investment strategies
Developing efficient income and estate tax strategies
Optimizing use of Employment Benefits including pensions, 401K plans and other qualified retirement plans
Getting proper estate planning documents drafted
Investing the recommended amount monthly
Implementing the recommended tax strategies
Applying the recommended portfolio
diversification strategies
Executing debt reduction strategies
Reviewing the Retirement Blueprint at least annually and adjusting as necessary





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